What’s Your Favorite Food?

Today, I found myself wondering about the favorite foods of our politicians. What does Rick Snyder eat after a hard day in Lansing, for example? What’s his pick-me-up? But no one asks those hard questions. It’s easy to ask about this bill or that bill, but ask a man what he puts in his stomach and why and you get a little closer to his true nature. The gut, after all, is the fastest way to a man’s heart.

What if turned out Barack Obama ate Lucky Charms with chocolate milk instead of a well-balanced breakfast? Just imagine the leader of the free world chomping down on marshmallow rainbows and pots of gold while contemplating socialized health care – you probably wouldn’t be able to look at him the quite the same way again. Of course, Obama claims that his favorite food is in fact the shrimp linguini his wife makes, like a good husband should. And also, who can forget when he went to the Florida coast and ate those fish tacos immediately after the BP oil spill to prove that it was still OK to eat any seafood caught in the area? Clearly, the man loves his fish. What does that say about him?

But, you know, that’s neither here nor there. The focus of this blog is Michigan, after all. And believe me, I scoured the Internet trying to find out the favorite foods of our state’s most illustrious sons and daughters, but the only famous person I could get any dirt on was Henry Ford. Now, I don’t why, but it seems like the old industrial barons and tycoons were known for their strong tastes – they either really, really loved something or really, really hated it.

It turns out Ford really, really loved buckwheat pancakes with bits of buttered corn cooked in. He ate them for breakfast all the time, and would always cook some up for his friends when they went camping. Once, he even made some for his doctors before they operated on him!

It’s a simple dish, and Ford’s love for it was a direct reflection of his extremely practical personality. He didn’t need anything lavish, just two parts milk, one part buckwheat flour, one part wheat flour, a few eggs, and some baking powder, salt, corn, and butter. Now that’s clean livin’!


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