Thumbs Up from the Thumb: This Week in Michigan Food News

Who would’ve thought that Michigan was the number one state for blueberries? In fact, blueberries are so big in this state, we had four festivals celebrating the tart little ball of blue goodness in August alone, taking place in Imlay City, South Haven, Montrose, and Paradise. Get yourself some fresh Michigan blueberries while you still can!

The Mid-Michigan Food Bank and the Greater Lansing Food Bank have merged under the Greater Lansing Food Bank name. Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Executive Director Joe Wald had this to say about the importance of food banks: “We’re seeing today a number of people who just a year ago were our donors and are now showing up as recipients of our food. The economy is still fragile. There is an enormous need that continues in this region. We can read that the economy is getting better, but [for] the people we’re talking to, this is really a lifesaver for them.

It looks likes Dean Foods is closing its dairy plant in Evart, Michigan. Milk cartons and jugs with Dean’s written in proud, bold letters across the front have been a staple of Michigan gas stations for decades. Now, I’ll have to buy Nestlé the next time I need my chocolate milk fix on the road. Ain’t that a bummer?

Ann Arbor’s HomeGrown Festival will be setting up shop this upcoming Saturday, September 8. The festival will include local beers, ciders, and even Kombucha, along with scrumptious dishes based off of locally-sourced ingredients. In the evening, fanciful, patchouli-drenched bands full of youthful naivety like The Appleseed Collective will jam out. I’m told that beard on the band’s washboard player is certified 100% organnic.


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