To BölaJoe, or to BölaNo?

BölaJoe. They didn’t have to spell it with an umlaut, but they did. Yeah, that’s right.

What can I say about BölaJoe? It’s oatmeal. It’s organic. It’s instant. And it’s precious. Housed in a cute little cylindrical box that’s decorated with cursive letters, hearts, and bright colors, you can tell this little Acme, Michigan company cares. Aw.

“HEARTY OATMEAL with a COFFEE KICK.” How could you go wrong? Just fill with water, microwave for about a minute, and enjoy!

There’s only one problem. The product doesn’t quite work. Sure, the oats are of pretty good quality, the coffee (freeze-dried, according to the package) isn’t bad, and they even used cane sugar… but it doesn’t mesh. It tastes like what you’d imagine it would taste like if you put a cup of oatmeal in your coffee and microwaved it. The flavor doesn’t stick to the oats. It’s not a disaster and is actually quite edible – unfortunately, however, it’s not what I expect from a good mass-manufactured product.

Over the years, the folks at Quaker Oats and other companies have really upped the ante on instant oatmeal. BölaJoe tastes a step or two behind. Still, it’s a young company and there’s some real promise here.

Hell, maybe one day we’ll all eat BölaJoe. Let’s be honest, though. That’ll probably be the same day this blog actually manages to average over 10 hits a day: never. I work in a food distribution warehouse, and let me tell you, the competition in the mass-manufactured food market is insane – kind of like the blogging arena, for that matter. The small guys usually get eaten alive, umlaut and all. It don’t matter if you’re organic.


One thought on “To BölaJoe, or to BölaNo?

  1. Thanks for the mention;). Bolajoe has already improved its formula and added two new favors: Wild Blueberry Muffin and Vanilla Latte. Look for Bolajoe in all Meijer groceries where you’ll find all three flavors in 2014. We must be doing something right…give us another try! BTW, are you in SW Michigan?

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