How To Do a “Michigan Left”

In Michigan – being home of the Motor City and all – we naturally have a better way of handling left turns at busy intersections. It’s called a “Michigan left”. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan lefts reduce traffic accidents by up to 60% on busy roads. The first one ever was implemented at the intersection of 8 Mile and Livernois, and it worked so well there that there are now hundreds of Michigan lefts to be had throughout the state.

A few of other more intelligent states have since jumped on the Michigan left bandwagon, but regrettably it’s still kind of a regional thing.

Below, I’ve put together a little comic to explain exactly how a Michigan left works. Enjoy!

Strip 1.

Strip 2.

Strip 3.Strip 4.

Strip 5.



4 thoughts on “How To Do a “Michigan Left”

  1. I used to despise Michigan lefts. Then I moved to Illinois and realized that having many consecutive no left turn signs is also not fun. Now I’m just okay with Michigan lefts.

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