An Exciting Day in Michigan History

Guess what? You’re about to get more Made In Michigan than you thought could get made, two action-packed posts in the span of a few hours!

Yes, that’s right. Two. Count ’em.

(OK, technically you’re getting three posts, but I’m not really counting this one.)

Today’s first post comes from devoted reader and all-around great guy, Andrew Schwab. Gordon Young, author of the excellent Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City (Flint, in this case), graciously agreed to an interview with Schwab, and Schwab just as graciously gave me permission to post the resulting article here.

Ain’t I lucky? Thanks again Schwab, and thanks Young.

Today’s second post comes, of course, from yours truly. In it, I meditate on Saugatuck and beer. Pretty fascinating, eh?

I promise that it’s at least less rambling than usual. Well, maybe.

Anyhow, on with the show!

But first, here’s Andrew’s little introduction of himself to my dwindling audience. Enjoy.

Hello Made in Michigan readers. My name is Andrew, and you may recognize me as the guy who relentlessly comments on George’s posts. Yep, I really like his material. Anyway, George recently invited me to post on his blog, and I plan on doing so on rare occasions. So, if you see front page content that seems a bit different, or your read a post that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and crushed with disappointment, don’t blame George!


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